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title. project 03

date. 2023

city. Paris

size. mural painting 500m x 500m


 Devontry handles a wide variety of furniture repairs, wood turnings, and re-designing pieces. From family heirlooms to modern day pieces.

    An average of 500 chairs, pass through our front door each year, many for repair. Chairs are completely or partially disassembled, all joinery is cleaned or replaced and glued back together. Devontry cleans and touches up all repairs after assembly.

    Case goods include; chests, dressers and cabinetry. Devontry removes all doors, drawers and shelving to assess the piece. Doors, drawers, shelving and back panels are then fitted properly to the case to be functional.

    Dining tables and kitchen tables are open and closed properly to be functional. Devontry can repair or replace broken table slides. Devontry can expand a table with new slides and create extra leaves, that match the existing finish.

    Furniture repair is like working with a puzzle. Quite often, there are pieces missing. Once an initial assessment is done, Devontry will build, fit, and assemble a fully functional piece of furniture for you to enjoy for many generations to come.

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